How To Find Inner Peace In A Turbulent World

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Inner Peace Academy Fundraising campaign Steven Webb

This world is overcome with society, corporations and governments, encouraging a busy, rushed way of life. People are becoming overwhelmed by a reliance on technology and a challenge to simply be. We are over-stimulated with negative news and dramatic media, so we can all benefit from a little time-out and encouragement to find a more peaceful way to be.

Steven Webb has been there and bought the t-shirt when it comes to challenging life experiences. Like me, he believes that you can’t have life without suffering. We need both light and dark experiences for us to grow and become who we are here to be.  There are gifts in the suffering. Like I have said in my own work, we cannot find jewels in the sunlight; they tend to be in the dark of the earth or in caves.

Who is Steven Webb?

Steven was paralysed from the chest down after a diving accident in 1991. He has survived childhood divorce, family suicide, his own suicide attempt, broken neck, bankruptcy and numerous breakdowns. Going through such life challenges inspired Steven to teach and support others who are suffering and to bring a new way to be during these life difficulties.

As a blogger, author, speaker, spiritualist and motivator he believes:

Life is suffering, you cannot have the good without the bad and what hurts you most is the thing that is most important to you. No matter how bad things sometimes appear to be, there will be a gift, a time for growth where you have an opportunity to build courage and character for when you most need it.

There is a gift in everything, you just need to find it.


We can all do with encouragement and support in life and who better to do this than Steven.

He has kindly agreed to donate one year’s access to one lucky donator to our fundraising campaign on October 2nd.

We hope you are able to support the campaign, no matter how small or large your donation, or simply pop over to Steven’s site here and learn more about what he does.

Thanks Steven

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