Dining Out At Bill’s in the UK Is A Heavenly Experience

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Dining Out With Anxiety

I love dining out at beautiful restaurants, but I also like to feel comfortable in my surroundings. As someone who is recovering from anxiety, finding a comfortable, relaxing restaurant has been a challenge. Often I will enter a restaurant and look around and walk straight back out if the ambience is not right. I need relaxing spaces and calm lighting.

Bill’s is a restaurant chain in the UK. I first came across it in my local area of Gloucester. With eccentric furnishings, shabby chic textures and furniture, and quirky lighting, I loved the mishmash of style. However, the food didn’t disappoint either.

The first restaurant was founded in Lewes, East Sussex. It began as a greengrocers, but after a flood a cafe was added to the shop. It has been followed by an expansion of restaurants around the UK featuring locally sourced produce and menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea time.

Social Responsibility

Bill’s believe in social responsibility and so as part of their commitment they only deal with suppliers that can provide whole eggs that are from hens that are happy, healthy and free to roam. The same is true of those supplying food and ingredients that contain whole eggs, for example, egg mayonnaise.

They are strongly committed to preserving the environment through a Green Mission where their aim is to bring energy saving, recycling and sustainability into the heart of their restaurants.

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I have visited Bill’s many times, for breakfast to many birthday celebrations and I loved the family feel of their restaurants.

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Bill’s kindly donated a £100 gift voucher to the fundraising campaign for Peace Within Radio HERE. We are very grateful and hope that one lucky donor enjoys the love that we have for Bill’s here at Peace Within Radio.

If you are interested in visiting Bill’s in your local area pop by Bills website to check out the menu, book a table or to find your local restaurant and enjoy!


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