Donate Your Time or Your Money

The campaign is just the beginning. As a non-profit radio station, whatever we receive goes directly back into the station and any excess goes to specific charities. But we also really need YOU. Your voice, your love, your heart. Whatever you feel inspired to share, contact us to see if we are good fit for your idea. Make a difference today.

The Vision

If you contribute your voice, we don't guarantee fame and fortune, but we will guarantee exposure to a new audience. Positive exposure. What matters the most to the station is that you want to make a difference, but also feel a passion for the station and will likewise share who we are as we will share who you are. This is not a 'drop a talk and leave' station. We want you to be part of the team of volunteers. AND if your idea is successful, as sponsorship and funding comes in for the station we plan to pay regular DJ's, teachers whose heart are really aligned with our values.

How To Contribute

When the station goes live in January we aim to have a full selection of audio content ready to go live. If you feel ready to add your voice, we will need your idea/talk/contribution by 1st December 2018


Share a weekly talk. It can be an interview or solo talk, pre-recorded for the station. This will go out at optimum times around the world. We also accept short quotes, which will be produced to music, so if you have a favourite quote or quotes and would like to add your voice, we would love to hear from you. If you have a podcast, preferably under 45 minutes, that is related to mental health or self-help, we welcome podcasts also.


Are you a musician with inspirational and uplifting music? Do your lyrics help people going through tough times? Contact us to add your music to the station. We will make sure you are mentioned on the website and on the player, who you are and where to find you if you are an indie musician.


After the campaign has finished we will be starting a PATREON page for people who would like to contribute to the station. We also welcome sponsorship opportunities from mental health organisations/businesses, environmental organisations/ business, ethical finance companies/ products that support people with mental health issues. We do not accept sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies.