Music We Love and Spoken Word Poets

Here on Peace Within Radio, we try to mix it up a lot when it comes to music. Our main aim is to promote and share positive and inspiring music. We won’t always be able to do this, but if it isn’t inspiring it will have a kick ass beat that will elevate the mood. We welcome new musicians who want their music to be heard, especially if you feel your lyrics would be encouraging and supportive to those listening who suffer from depression, anxiety and a whole host of other mental health issues. Or music that simply uplifts the spirit. It needs to be radio quality and you would be heard across the world. Contact the producer Kelly Martin if you would like to submit your music to the station.

Music Examples

If you enjoy what you hear on the station, pop over to our music page to purchase some of the most popular empowering music we play on the station. These are affiliate links so your purchase contributes to the stations continuation and free support worldwide.

Spoken Word Poets

woman hands on chest

Poetry can be incredibly healing to read and even moreso when it is listened to. We welcome spoken word poets to the station. If you heal through poetry and think your poems could be supportive to those listening please Contact the producer Kelly Martin. You can record your poem for the station via your smartphone or computer.