Below are our passionate, encouraging and supportive mental health hosts who have joined Peace Within Radio. Leading voices in self-esteem, self-love and self-compassion.

Deeply human and nurturing people from teachers and philosophers to coaches, counsellors and therapists.

We also welcome and appreciate mental health advocates and those who have been there and bought the t-shirt but may not consider themselves experts in the field. Your wholesome and warm understanding could be very empowering to those listening.

Our Current and Upcoming Show Hosts

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Michael Doherty teacher author I-CHING

Michael Doherty

Michael Doherty, author of the I-Ching, self-help blogger, teacher of philosophy, retired military, ex business man, mathematician and physics teacher shares his wisdom of eighty years through his understanding of life learned through the ancient wisdom and philosophy of The I CHING.

Michael was once told by a psychiatrist that it was amazing he has survived his traumatic childhood. From life trauma, abuse and more, Michael brings his wealth of understanding gained from questioning 'Why is this happening to me' throughout his life. He balances his intellect with his intuition with his scientific background and builds a bridge between the two.

Michael is a great support to the producer Kelly and co-produces when Kelly is unable to. You will find Michael on 'The Urban Guru' sharing his voice on different segments of the station.

You can hear Michael on The Urban Guru every Tuesday and repeated on a Sunday. Please visit What's On? for current times.

Follow Michael at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out his book on The I-CHING here,

Faith Canter

Faith Canter is an author, wellness and self-love coach and explorer. Faith went from a life time of Chronic illness, bankruptcy and self-hate to freedom, fulfilment, fermenting and love.

Until a few years ago she had spent her life chronically ill, both mentally and physically, as a people pleaser, a wanna-be perfectionist, over achiever and an all-round hater of her body and life. Each day started and ended with how much she and her life sucked!

The things she struggled with herself are the things she now specialises in. These are ME/CFS, IBS, Insomnia, OCD’s, Eating Disorders & Body Image/Self-love Issues, Depression, Stress & Anxiety and Body Pain.

Faith brings a wide range of holistic topics from mental health, chronic fatigue, digestive health, self-love, stress and anxiety and so much more.

You can hear Faith Canter every Thursday in her show Faith Canter for a Happy Self, Health and Life and repeated on a Sunday. Please visit What's On? for current times.

You can also follow Faith Canter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube

Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard is a truth teller, spiritual myth buster, self-compassion and integration coach on a mission to deconstruct and demystify high level self-love and self-help topics so you can clear what’s holding you back in your life.

For many years Megyn was plugged into self-love, empowerment, and spiritual principles.

She was thinking positive thoughts and “thought she loved herself,” but was still creating less than fulfilling, toxic, and codependent relationship dynamics.

Megyn brings her deeply human style of communicating to help listeners embrace their humanity.

Through interviews with empowering individuals and motivational monologues, Megyns enthusiasm can't help but inspire.

You will find Megyn on the show 'Whole Human Radio' every Wednesday and repeated on a Sunday. Please visit What's On? for current times.

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Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin is the producer of Peace Within Radio, an author, passionate mental health blogger and podcaster with a passion for empowering people.

After what seemed like a decade of intense anxiety, feelings of failure and grief from the loss of her father she chose to take a mindfulness path and has not looked back since.

Kelly encourages people to find the treasures that lie within the pain and suffering and to learn to see themselves as ‘enough’ exactly as they are, right now. She brings her down-to-earth wisdom, personal experience of deep depression, kind-hearted and introspective style to two shows on the station. Sharing her own style of feeling-based talks as loving encouragement on her deeply nurturing show 'Soul Whispers with Kelly Martin' and various segments throughout each day. She plans do an interview show with a difference, but that is still in the planning stages for now.

You can hear Kelly on her show Soul Whispers every Monday and repeated on a Sunday. Please visit What's On? for current times.

You can also follow Kelly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, iTunes and YouTube You can also find out about her book series at

Rachel Jacobson

Rachel is a qualified Eden Energy Medicine clinical practitioner (EEM-CLP)

She has also trained in counselling, Eating Psychology Coaching and Mind-Body Nutrition, the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or tapping) and Matrix Re-Imprinting.

Rachel struggled with depression, an eating disorder and drug use in her early years and looking for a a way out of the pain, she found a way that worked for her.

This is why she does the work that she does. Understanding that we all experience stress. It escapes no-one! Rachel wants to help people take steps that add up to transformation in life.

Rachel offers 1:1 sessions from her clinic in Manchester and also teaches dynamic groups and workshops.

You will find Rachel talking about her experiences and insights she has gained on the road to recovery on the show Being Real every Friday and repeated on Sunday. Please visit What's On? for current times.

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Silvia Claudia Starczewski

Silvia Claudia is a Bowen Therapist, pain alchemist and free thinker with a vast expertise on recovering from auto-immune dis-ease and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and radiant enthusiasm to help others help themselves too.

She survived suicidal post natal depression and healed herself from Crohn's Disease. Today Silvia is vibrantly healthy and has plenty of energy to raise her 8 year old son, be a human companion to her two dogs, dance weekly, and run her Bowen Therapy clinic in North Manchester. She embraces her "toomuchness", hugs people and trees.

A dysfunctional childhood and later in her teens violent sexual trauma, locked her into years of flashbacks, shame, self harm and disociative states, addiction, intimacy and body image issues, anger, low self worth and lack of self love. She encourages others to shrink their inner critic, practice self compassion, love their inner child and dare to speak up.

She talks openly about finding her way back to health, love and gratitude and how she believes others can too in her show Alive and Well every Monday and repeated on a Sunday. Visit What's On? for current times.

Connect with her via Facebook or on her website here

The Secret Psychiatrist On Peace Within Radio

The Secret Psychiatrist

The Secret Psychiatrist, is a female psychiatrist currently working for the NHS in London. She has created her own charity in Romania, and is part of an award winning mental health podcast. As well as being a doctor, she is a writer and actress.

In her spare time, The Secret Psychiatrist enjoys trekking through the jungles of Peru, surviving earthquakes in Nepal, and volunteering in Africa. The Secret Psychiatrist’s chat show will be exploring mental health in a fresh light in a conversational relaxed manner, and inviting special guests from a range of creative backgrounds to help you pursue the life of your dreams and be inspired.

Be prepared to feel sensational, exciting, and passionate when you listen to The Secret Psychiatrist.

You can hear The Secret Psychiatrist every Thursday and repeated on a Sunday.

Please visit What's On? for current times.

Feel free to contact The Secret Psychiatrist on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Karin Sieger

Therapist Karin Sieger - Offers help with difficult times, jargon-free and from the heart.

Karin Sieger is a London-based psychotherapist, writer and houseboat dweller. She specialises in support with life transitions, anxiety, grief and the emotional impact of life-changing illnesses, especially cancer, with which she has been diagnosed twice.

Karin does her writing and recording of YouTube videos and radio shows from her orange houseboat in the Thames. Her articles are published by Positively Positive, The Mighty, HuffPost and others.

She also offers a free agony-aunt advice column, Dear Karin, and regularly features people who are creative despite cancer on her website

Before training to become a therapist Karin spent 25+ years in the media and consumer industry and worked across Africa and Asia.

You can hear Karin Sieger on her show Cancer and You every Wednesday (repeated on a Sunday) and also on her show Soul Cravings every Saturday (repeated on Sunday).

Please visit What's On? for current times.

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Rachel Cason Life Story Therapies

Dr Rachel Cason

Rachel Cason founded Life Story Therapies in 2015, and is also a counsellor in training. She has a background in Sociology and draws on her doctoral work to support anyone with a complex history, especially those raised with a multiplicity of cultures and identities, to find their Voice, Tribe and Place.

Rachel's driving belief is that our stories have the power to made sense of our past, heal our present and offer hope for our future.

Her doctorate gave her the opportunity to work with Third Culture Kids, the name often applied to people raised abroad due to parental employment. This work highlighted to Rachel how fragile and complex identity and belonging can be. It also highlighted how incredibly vital a sense of Self and Home and Place is to our mental health and general sense of wellbeing.

A Third Culture Kid herself, Rachel is deeply invested in better understanding the ways in which seemingly divergent stories can connect rather than disconnect, as well as the power of empathy in nurturing self-acceptance.

You can hear Rachel on her show Explore Your Story every Tuesday.

Please visit What's On? for current times.

You can also follow Rachel on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Jean Luc Lafitte Holistic Shape Anxiety Mental Health

Dr Jean Luc Lafitte

Jean Luc Lafitte has been involved in one way or another in health care for over twenty five years. He currently works in practice in London and West Sussex. His approach to treatment combines, what he believes is the only way to treat people, "Holistically" as all illness mental and physical have an emotional, physical and chemical cause.

His philosophy is based on personal experience, when in 2005 he suddenly started suffering from panic attacks.

After an extensive journey into finding a solution, he realised that the treatment for anxiety and panic attack often only treated one component. From that day on and never having a panic again since 2005, he formulated a successful treatment called "Stress3dom" He hopes on his show to give you tips and information on how you can overcome your anxiety and panic attacks.

You can hear Jean Luc in his show Holistic Shape every Friday and repeated on a Sunday. Please visit What's On? for current times.

Visit Jean Luc Lafitte at his website.
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Hope Wannermayer show host

Hope Wannayer


Craig Whitewood



Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about joining Peace Within Radio as a show host

What kind of topics are you looking for?

We are mostly very flexible. Some hosts will be experienced in certain topics, others will simply share encouraging words. We enjoy inviting hosts that can be creative and free in how they share their insights and wisdom. We welcome topics on a whole range of mental health issues, we simply ask that the host doesn’t give out medical advice.

You can do solo shows or combine with someone else. You can do interview style or a mixture. You can even do encouraging and motivating stories or poetry.

We welcome relaxing and mindfulness shows, but bearing in mind that long hypnotic tracks may be difficult if someone is listening and driving a car for example. We ask hosts to steer clear of the ‘law of attraction’ style topics.

Length of Show

If you become a host we ask shows to be no shorter than 20 minutes, but we ask for a maximum of 30 minutes per show. We found that any longer and attention span can be lost.

How Do I Create My Audio?

You can create your pre-recorded shows from the comfort of your own home. This can be done via your smartphone or if you have a PC and microphone. 

If you are on a PC (or Mac) we recommend downloading the free programme Audacity, it is excellent for recording audio. If you are on a MAC computer Simple Recorder is another good programme as is Wavepad (also good for PCs). 

For your phone there are number of different apps for recording and sending audio. We ask any potential show hosts to send the producer a 1 minute audio sample of them talking (the topic on this doesn’t matter) so we can check the sound quality for the station. We need a certain quality so we keep the station enjoyable for listeners.

What do you need from me in addition to audio ?

In addition to audio, you need to send a title for your show, remembering this will be your introduction. So try and keep it short and easy to understand. We also ask for a short bio that will be spoken by someone else (not part of your role) introducing you and where people can find you online. We also would love a longer bio to add to this page (see other show hosts above). And finally we need a photo, preferably portrait and something we can trim into a square shape like those on this page.

How often will I be on the station ?

This depends on your show. If you choose to do a show monthly you will be on the station one week out of four. If you choose to do a weekly show you will be on every week. However, you will also be on several times during your allotted schedule day so we can maximise your exposure across different time-zones. So the more often you run a show, the more exposure you will get and brand awareness.

Will my show be available for download after it has aired ?

One month after airing your shows they will be available for download on the Peace Within Radio podcast. It will be available earlier by patrons of Peace Within Radio who are helping this not-for-profit station grow and evolve will get early access to the downloads via our Patreon page.

What if my content is similar to another host?

You are uniquely you. Even if you share similar topics there is no-one in the world that can express these topics in the way that you do. Much like different authors can cover the same topics, each reader (or listening in our case)takes in the information and wisdom shared from those hosts they most relate to. So never feel you are not original, because you always will be.

Become A Host

Contact Kelly the producer using the form below or alternatively email the producer Kelly at