urban guru mental health teacher michael doherty

The Urban Guru show with host Michael Doherty is all about a  steady strong clear voice in an often overwhelming world. When the mind is cluttered or in stress, Michael brings you each week calming and soothing words to help you embrace and accept what is taking place in your life. Michael accepts questions from listeners and will happily dedicate a show to you.

Michael Doherty is a retired businessman, physics and maths teacher who bridges the gap between science and Chinese philosophy. He allows his 80 years of life to share wisdom and life lessons after a traumatic and often painful life. He was once told by a psychiatrist, he was surprised that Michael was  still alive because of his past. Because of this, Michael brings history and a great wealth of understanding to the station.

You can find out more about Michael on the show host page HERE.

And contact Peace Within Radio if you wish to ask Michael a question for his show. Please use the subject heading THE URBAN GURU.

Thank you.

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