Welcome to the new voice of mental health. An upcoming station that brings an encouraging voice when the inner voice is painful.


Peace Within Radio is ethical, inspirational and community driven. We make sure you leave our Facebook page feeling empowered and engaged. Join the new group and support the station with your love, energy and ideas. Your voice matters to us. You deserve to be seen and heard.


A fast-paced social network we aim to bring you the best of the internet. From supportive mental health articles to messages of hope during times when you may feel depressed or anxious about life. Using images, quotes, videos and tweets we guarantee you will feel you are enough - exactly as you are.


A place of selfies and food images, we share a behind the scenes to the radio station and videos and words that will add to the stations message and ethos. You matter, you are not broken and you are here for a reason. In our own way we bring radio to your heart that will uplift and soothe your sometimes parched spirit.

Our story

I would like to introduce you to a beautiful, innovative concept in radio. I’m the producer Kelly Martin who has had debilitating anxiety, deep dark depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings of failure for 30+ years.  I know how much words and music can heal a broken spirit. I introduce you to the upcoming mental health radio station Peace Within Radio.

From humble beginnings we are born. I am the author of When Everyone Shines But You, a podcaster and blogger at Kelly Martin Speaks and a recovering darkness addict who wants to make a difference to people who feel they are lost. I learned how to produce a radio station in January 2018 and after 6 months of producing, sourcing content, creating and managing social media I knew that I wanted to take it one step further.

Peace Within Radio, is a station that will be born in January 2019. A mental health and inspirational music station because when things get tough, music heals, but most of all we need to not feel isolated or alone anymore. Radio can bring us closer and can help us get in touch with the truth of who we are, which is enough, exactly as we are right now.

Peace Within Radio was birthed from the pit of hard stuff which is often when we learn and grow the most. What better way to bring mental health support than through a free, worldwide and direct to wherever you are station? Sometimes we don’t feel courageous enough to reach out, we hope we can be the bridge to your own recovery.

Starting A Station

Free stations are essentially NOT free. They cost money to set up and to bring the best music we need worldwide music licenses, equipment so the sound is right and the ability to maintain the station and grow and develop. We will be a not for profit station so any income we receive will go directly back into the station, supporting DJ’s, shows, content and any excess will be given to specific charitable organisations from mental health organisations to environmental and charities that create hospitals, schools and support for those in dire need of it. We will also be supporting crisis centres who are in need of the funds. So once the station is up and running and we meet our fundraising goal the ripple effect will continue on.

We welcome volunteers to help get the word out about the station and mental health advocates, teachers and speakers who feel their values match with those of Peace Within Radio.

See below for our values.

Peace Within Radio - Values

One thing I have learned over the years is that for something to work you need great people. You need great support and people who are committed to the same ideals and values you are. For this reason we will strictly screen those who want to broadcast on Peace Within Radio. The key factors we envisage are:

  • A desire to support people with mental health issues
  • A need to be part of a larger community and to support one another
  • Inspirational people with ideas, shows, potential for great content
  • The passion to empower
  • Experts in their field

What we screen against are:

  • People wanting to join who are simply wanting to promote themselves
  • Organisations who are ethically negative
  • Those who expect huge financial rewards from the station.

I realised that over the years not everyone is genuine about what they want to give. So for this reason Peace Within Radio is strict about who is involved. And we hope this will bring a better experience for those listening.

Thank you for reading down to here. Check out the introduction video below to get to find out who I am further.

Contact Peace Within Radio

Ideas, submissions, sponsorship. Contact Kelly below or email at kelly@peacewithinradio.com