Why, Who and How?

Welcome to what was a transformative voice in mental health. A station that brought an encouraging voice when the inner voice was painful. With sad news we will be going OFF-AIR on 30th June.

woman listening to mental health radio

Peace Within Radio, was an entirely new kind of station. Born out of a desire to support people when life gets tough, the station brought together inspirational music, encouraging podcasts, talks, interviews and positive news from around the world, to remind us we are never alone.

Radio can bring us closer to each other, and it can help us get in touch with the truth of who we are, which is enough, exactly as we are right now.

You really are what you listen to, and that is why we were here to help you live your best life, on both the good days and the bad ones.

Peace Within Radio was here for you, every single day, but due to a lack of human resources we were unable to sustain the workload required on a volunteer basis.

Our Story

Hello, I’m the Station Producer Kelly Martin. I have lived with debilitating anxiety, deep dark depression, suicidal thoughts, and feelings of failure for 30+ years.  Because of this, I know how much words and music can heal a broken spirit. 

I learned how to produce a radio station in January 2018 and from that experience came the idea for Peace Within Radio. 

What better way to offer mental health support than through a free, worldwide and direct to wherever you are station? Sometimes we don’t feel courageous enough to reach out, so we hope we can be the bridge to your own recovery. 

We successfully met our Crowdfunding goal in 2018, check out the campaign page HERE

And by the end of June we reached nearly 4000 listeners worldwide, in only 3 months, but alas the workload was to big for one person and even with a second volunteer producer we just couldn’t manage it all without wearing ourselves out. So it was with a sad heart that we chose to close the station on the 30th of June.

Off-Air 30th June

Peace Within Radio, unfortunately is going off-air from the 30th of June. We had a great ideas and plans for the future, but the lack of human resources made it impossible to continue without creating mental health issues for the founder and full time volunteer Kelly Martin.

We want to thank you for all of your love, support and donations, let’s hope this was only the beginning and that what the world needs will rise again in the future.

To keep up to date with Kelly the producer and future projects, please visit her website kellymartinspeaks.co.uk where you can read her blogs, subscribe to her Podcast and find her on social media.

Meet The Team

Kelly Martin


Creative director. Radio producer. Marketing, networking and social media manager. Radio presenter, content researcher, podcaster, author, blogger and soul encourager.

Michael Doherty


Financial Manager. Co-Producer when Kelly is unavailable. Show host of ‘The Urban Guru’, Author, Teacher and Blogger on The I-CHING. Brings Kelly coffee when she’s stressed.

Amanda Shortman

Website support

Website support and creative consultant.  Administrative guide and overall emotional support and coach. Author, blogger, freelance writer and spoonie warrior.

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