Free mental health radio

launching 2019

It's time to reduce the stigma of mental health issues worldwide. This station will empower.

Mental Health Advocates, Teachers and Open Hearts

It’s time for change. This world is too busy and stressful for many people, we would like to introduce you to a new radio station featuring uplifting and soothing music, inspirational teachers, mental health advocates, counsellors and therapists all coming together to bring mental health and self-esteem support direct to your home. And more importantly, this will be available for FREE (Worldwide). But to do this we need your help. Thank you. Listen to the pilot above to get a taster of what’s to come.



The producer and broadcasters on ‘Peace Within Radio’ know what it’s like to suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health issues. We aim to encourage you from the offset, with words, teachers and music that support your healing journey. Audio support when you need it.



Sitting alone at home, the radio gives us a shared connection, it brings people together who may laugh, sing, dance or cry. ‘Peace Within Radio’ brings the added benefit of involving you the listener in what we broadcast. You are at the heart of why we are creating this station. Ask questions to be answered on air.

Go to Follow the Journey

Follow the Journey

Not only will you hear inspiration via the radio, but via social media also. Imagine visiting social media that encourages health, wellness and diversity and reduces the negative news? We are ethical media, because we want you to leave social media feeling better about who you are – not worse.

Go to JOIN the station

JOIN the station

Are you wanting to make a difference in the world? Are you a mental health advocate, therapist, counsellor or teacher who feels you have something to offer those listening? Contact us now to the be first on board. We also accept podcasts that align with our values (click heart to find out more about us).

The campaign needs your support. But once we are launched we need your voice, your ideas and your passion. We want the right people to reach out. If you feel inspired by the station's values contact us.


October 2nd Mental Health Radio Crowdfunding Campaign

Imagine a world where people feel loved...

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love It's the only thing that there's just too little of..."

Mental health issues are on the increase. Depression, BiPolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD and so many more. The world is filled with people feeling not good enough, isolated and unheard. We are here to remedy this.

PEACE WITHIN RADIO aims to soothe and support people suffering and uplift and empower those who need it through inspirational talks, shows and music.

We are all a part of the human race, but too many of us are alone and unseen. We will be the bridge where conventional healthcare may be missing the mark.



Together With Unifying Vision


Radio Producer, Content Creator, Talent Source and Social Media Manager
Kelly is the visionary behind Peace Within Radio. Bringing her experience with mental health issues, mindfulness and radio production she makes sure everything is flowing smoothly and takes care of overall production and marketing.

Latrelle Ross

Voice Talent, Life Coach
and Radio Expert
Latrelle has a background in journalism and radio. She is also bringing her powerful voice and life coaching skills to Peace Within Radio. And as the station expands a resident DJ

Amanda Shortman

Video Director and
Creative Consultant
Amanda has great creative vision and is an excellent technical artist. With beautiful passion for supporting people with chronic health conditions she brings her knowledge and experience to those suffering.

Anna Ferguson

Voice Talent, Fitness Coach
and Nutritionist
Anna has such a drive for helping people with body issues, is an entertainer who also offers great comedic value to the station and knows what it feels like to be unique in her field.

Jo Hayes

Voice Talent, Teacher and
Creative Consultant
Jo is an inspirational teacher and creator. Bringing her gentle voice to the messages and motivation needed as part of the stations content. Over time expanding into other areas.

Michael Doherty

Voice Talent, Teacher and
Financial Manager
Michael works behind the scenes, offering the station his knowledge and experience as a financial manager. He also brings his earthy deep voice to content on the station. A teacher of the I-CHING

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