Shows on depression, change, grief, shadow-work and support during the difficult experience of cancer and so much more coming up in our final weeks on air. We hope you enjoy listening to the shows and uplifting and inspirational music. Please see video below for further information.

Peace Within Radio, a beautiful dream, an vision to reach those suffering from mental health issues worldwide for free. However, after a year in the creation, 3 months on air, nearly 4000 listeners worldwide we have found that the work involved is so huge that we have had to make the very sad decision to close the station on 30th June. 

We apologise to listeners because we truly had big ongoing ideas for this station. For now we close, but who knows what the future will bring. Perhaps the world was not quite ready for this idea yet, or maybe it was simply meant to be a introduction to what is possible when people come together for the benefit of others. With all my love and appreciation. THANK YOU for listening.


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