Peace Within Radio, a beautiful dream and vision to reach those suffering from mental health issues worldwide for free. However, after a year in the creation, 3 months on air, more than 4000 listeners worldwide we have found that the work involved is so huge that we have had to make the very sad decision to close the station on 30th June. 

We apologise to listeners because we truly had big ongoing ideas for this station. For now we close, but who knows what the future will bring. Perhaps the world was not quite ready for this idea yet, or maybe it was simply meant to be a introduction to what is possible when people come together for the benefit of others. With all my love and appreciation. THANK YOU for listening.

The Former Shows & The Hosts

Depression, anxiety, cancer, self-esteem and encouraging support. Please follow your favourite shows hosts below.

Kelly Martin, Producer

Kelly was the visionary behind Peace Within Radio, the producer, the marketing and scheduling manager, researcher and so much more.

Kelly was also the host of the loving and encouraging show Soul Whispers. She is a mental health author, blogger and podcaster who suffered from many bouts of deep depression and anxiety who wanted to make a difference to those suffering.

Make sure you subscribe to her Podcast on Apple Podcasts, called Kelly Martin Speaks
and visit her popular blog Kelly Martin Speaks Mental Health Blog

You can also follow Kelly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, iTunes and YouTube You can also find out about her book series at

Michael Doherty, Co-Producer

Michael Doherty, Co-Producer

Michael was the financial manager for the station and in the latter stages was volunteering (like Kelly) as a full-time producer and music license reporting manager. He was also a great support to Kelly during the intensity of worked involved for one person.

Michael also was the host of a popular show called The Urban Guru and later Living With Change. He is a retired maths and physics teacher, ex-business and military man, author and blogger.

He now has his own podcast called The Michael Files, available in July 2019. Please visit his site The Michael Files and to keep up to date with his upcoming projects.

Follow Michael at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out his book on The I-CHING here.

Karin Sieger, Psychotherapist

Karin Sieger, Psychotherapist

Karin was a blessing on the station, a great advocate and sharer on social media. She was the host of two shows, Cancer and You - a show to support those suffering with cancer and their friends and relatives and Soul Cravings - a show to help people through difficulties like depression, anxiety and life changes.

Karin also offers a free agony-aunt advice column, Dear Karin, and regularly features people who are creative despite cancer on her website has a very popular blog and website and also has recently set up her own podcasts based on her two shows called Cancer and You and Soul Cravings you can find out all about them on her website. You can also receive help one-on-one from Karin in person or online when you are going through difficult times in life.

Follow Karin on social media via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Dr Jean Luc Lafitte

Dr Jean Luc Lafitte

Jean Luc brought his soothing gentle voice to a show he hosted called Holistic Shape. Jean Luc is an expert in anxiety support and is also a hypnotherapist, chiropractor and mineral nutritionist based in London.

He loves to help people overcome panic attacks and his focus is on anxiety.

You can find Jean Luc on his website and also his busy Instagram account called Holistic Shape where he gives you regular free short video support on a wide range of health-related topics. He will also be starting his own podcast based on his own life experiences and inspiration with interview and so much more.

Visit Jean Luc Lafitte at his website

Follow Jean Luc via Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube. Instagram.

dr rachel cason

Dr Rachel Cason

Rachel Cason founded Life Story Therapies in 2015, and is also a counsellor in training. She has a background in Sociology and draws on her doctoral work to support anyone with a complex history, especially those raised with a multiplicity of cultures and identities, to find their Voice, Tribe and Place.

Rachel was the host of a show called 'Exploring Your Story' Rachel's driving belief is that our stories have the power to made sense of our past, heal our present and offer hope for our future.

You can follow Rachel via her website Life Story Therapies

You can also follow Rachel on
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Faith Canter

Faith Canter

Faith Canter is an author, wellness and self-love coach and explorer. Faith went from a life time of Chronic illness, bankruptcy and self-hate to freedom, fulfilment, fermenting and love.

Faith brought her inspired wisdom to her show 'Faith Canter for a Happy Self, Health and Life' with a wide range of holistic topics from mental health, chronic fatigue, digestive health, self-love, stress and anxiety and so much more.

You can discover more about Faith on her website, along with her ongoing presence on social media and any further projects she will be involved in.

Visit her website
Faith Canter

You can follow Faith Canter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube

Rachel Jacobson

Rachel Jacobson

Rachel is a qualified Eden Energy Medicine clinical practitioner (EEM-CLP)

She has also trained in counselling, Eating Psychology Coaching and Mind-Body Nutrition, the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or tapping) and Matrix Re-Imprinting.

Rachel struggled with depression, an eating disorder and drug use in her early years and looking for a a way out of the pain, she found a way that worked for her.

Rachel hosted the show 'Being Real' where she talked about her experiences and insights she has gained on the road to recovery.

You can find out more about Rachel on her website Rachel Jacobson and on social media.

You can also follow Rachel on
Facebook and Instagram

Silvia Claudia Alive and Well

Silvia Claudia Starczewski

Silvia Claudia is a Bowen Therapist, pain alchemist and free thinker with a vast expertise on recovering from auto-immune dis-ease and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and radiant enthusiasm to help others help themselves too.

She survived suicidal post natal depression and healed herself from Crohn's Disease. Today Silvia is vibrantly healthy and has plenty of energy to raise her 8 year old son, be a human companion to her two dogs, dance weekly, and run her Bowen Therapy clinic in North Manchester. She embraces her "toomuchness", hugs people and trees.

She talked openly about finding her way back to health, love and gratitude and how she believes others can too in her show Alive and Well.

You can find out more about Silvia on her website and on social media. Please visit her site NoLidOn Healing

Follow Silvia on social media via Facebook

Megyn Blanchard

Megyn Blanchard

Megyn hosted her show Whole Human Radio for two months on the station before moving on to her own podcast. She shared some wonderful wisdom on a range of topics, from relationships to self-esteem and a wide range of interviews.

Megyn Blanchard is a truth teller, modern-day spiritual mentor, and self-love coach on a mission to deconstruct overly simplistic self-help and empowerment topics so they are implementable and relateable in our everyday lives.

You can work with Megyn one-on-one via email or calls worldwide.

To find out more about Megyn and her podcast, visit her website Whole Human Radio

Listener Feedback For The Former Station

From Listeners of Peace Within Radio

Writer and Artist

"I'm so sorry you are having to close after all your hard work 💛 I can guarantee you will have helped people in this time more than you could even have hoped for, and you must think of yourself and look after yourself too xx"


Naturally Healing 365

Independent Artist

"Oh love, I will miss you and your brilliant station but please be proud of yourself for what you achieved and know that we are all eternally grateful for all the love and light you’ve shared with those who’ve needed it. Everything happens at the right time so keep the faith and trust the journey. Who knows, maybe you’ve inspired someone you don’t know to follow suit and create something similar 🤷🏼‍♀️ Hugs and much healing love, N.H 💜."

Karin Sieger

Karin Sieger

Psychotherapist, Writer, Blogger

"Thank you for all you have given of yourself Kelly. I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me and others. None of this has been a waste. Be proud of your achievement.."

Positive Feedback for Peace Within Radio Station

Loralie Shupe Latour


"I have found my radio tribe. Great content, real people, real issues, sage advice, captivating discussions. A huge leap forward in ending the stigma surrounding mental health."

Positive Feedback for Peace Within Radio Station


Via Facebook

"Thank You Kelly For Peace within Radio Station. It,s A. Big Help In Ohio And All Over The World, God Bless You Keep Up The Good Work, We Love It."

Positive Feedback for Peace Within Radio Station


Via Email

"I am sad for you and doubly sad in a kind of selfish way but I am sure you will want to know that your radio station has been my lifeline these past two weeks since I stumbled upon it. I really hope you can keep it going and get the support you need "

Positive Feedback for Peace Within Radio Station

Malgorzata Powaska

Facebook recommendation

"Silvia Claudia show❤️Wow! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻What an amazing experience listening to her voice over the radio station.
Her voice sounds great, calm, interesting 👍🏻 the subject is very interesting and making me to want to hear her story next week. Well done."

Positive Feedback for Peace Within Radio Station

Blanca Adriana Le Duc

Recommendation on Facebook

"What a great idea. A radio station to lift the spirit"

Positive Feedback for Peace Within Radio Station

Sheila Bergquist

Recommendation from Facebook

"It's going to be a great place to find peace and wonderful information. And Kelly Martin is so good at what she does."


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