Pros and cons of AirPods

Everything around you is getting evolved with the growing technology, one among that evolution in the earbuds are AirPods, people who are interested in listening to their playlist or attending a call in a wireless mode can prefer this AirPods.

However, the wireless world has developed so you can get an alternative to this AirPods also remembers it. If you are thinking about buying Apple’s Airpods then get to know about AirPods advantages and disadvantages. By this you can decide whether to go with AirPods or should go with alternatives.

Advantages of AirPods

Before going to a disadvantage, you have to get to know about their advantages when you get this design and interface with the iPhone going to make you feel awesome. Here are some of those advantages of using AirPods;

Audio quality

AirPods or earbuds that you are buying should provide you good quality sound; in that case, you can believe the audio quality of Apple’s AirPods. Anything that you hear through the AirPods like classic, 90s music, or other you can experience the amazing sound quality of these AirPods.

When you look over some of the reviews of AirPods you can see the sound quality if Apple AirPods and Apple wired earbuds are comparably similar, but the fact is AirPods sound frequency is much better than the Apple wired earbuds.


The comfort after wearing the AirPods matter, on using the Apple AirPods you can feel comfortable. Because they fit into all sizes of ears so that you will not get irritated at the same time they do not create a harsh sound.


They are coming with Bluetooth connectivity so the connection and using the AirPods becomes an easier thing for anyone.

Disadvantages of AirPods

Some of those disadvantages are as follows;

audio quality


The biggest drawback of AirPods is they deliver a high level of EMF only not during you are attending the phone call also when you are listening to the audios. On comparing to normal mobile phones they delivering 10 times EMF, so wearing the AirPods 10-12 hours is feasible, not more than that.

Tough to control

Controlling the process of AirPods via Siri is difficult at the same time irritated too. Because you cannot directly play or pause the audio that makes the user to get tensed, when they have placed their phones in a pocket or some other place.

Final thoughts

In the above content, you can able to find the pros and cons of AirPods when you are looking to buy or AirPods users you have to aware of it.