Ways To Use Surround Speakers Without Receiver

Everyone likes to have the home theatres in their home that is experience great sound effects when they are listening to their playlist, vinyl records, using headphones for turntable, or while watching their favorite movie list. Buying the speakers even though the cool thing connection and requirements for the speakers may make the users feel irritated.

Now you need not worry about it because today’s technology is helping you in various ways. There is a general question from the public side that is do surround sound speakers need receiver, of course, the traditional speakers require the receiver but today’s upgraded surround sound speakers not.

surround speakers

Purpose of receiver surround speakers

Generally, in the traditional home theatre setup, you can find speakers, receivers, and some other devices. Among them, the receivers play a vital role because you will be placing the surround speakers randomly to spread the sound. In that case, only when all of those speakers receives the signal that can produce the surround sound and to transmit those signals from the audio source the receivers are used.

Not only help you in receiving the signals also clears the noises in audio. However, most of today’s surround speakers do not require the help from these receivers. Because they are coming with an in-built amplifier, they are enough to deliver the good quality sounds to the speakers.

surround speakers

Alternatives to receivers

Here are the few alternatives to the receivers are given below look for it.


When you are approaching the soundbars there, you do not require any of those speakers or receivers, because the soundbars are coming with in-built amplifiers and tweeters and with speakers. In that case, you need not require the receiver or external surround speakers.

Soundbars with wireless speakers

If you are expecting more sound then you can prefer the surround sound speakers but if you do not want to prefer the receiver then go for the wireless speakers. In addition, you do not require any kind of cables to connect the speakers to the soundbar. Wireless speakers are a better option than traditional speakers are because their connectivity is very easy. Just connecting the soundbar via HDMI to the television, you can have mind-blowing sound effects without the aid of a receiver.

Final thoughts

Through these ways, using surround sound speakers without a receiver has become a possible thing. Still, you can get some other options to get to know of it by accessing the internet. This article can give you an idea about a relevant topic.